Bejaia City

It is a coastal city on the Mediterranean beach. This city had different names such as Saladi, Nasiriya and Bouji. It is one of the most important cities in Algeria, because it is an important oil port, besides some types of industry and trade in the city.

We recommend that you visit the beautiful beaches, nice coast wonderful areas such Monkey hill, the Carpoun Cape and the city of Bejaia.

Yemaqawraya CastleTourist places and activities:

  • Yemaqawraya Castle:

 When you visit this beautiful city, you must visit the ancient citadel at the top of the mountain overlooking an amazing Mediterranean coast. This wonderful site hosting over two million tourists yearly. When you reach the mountaintop, you will find the tomb of the good woman her name «Qawraya» who poets flirts. There are some legends regarding her story, some say that Bejaia has 99 of chosen people and Qawraya is the last one ruled this area, others claim she is a woman, who came with the Spanish colonization, converted to Islam and defended the city fiercely to settle down and then become a virtuous saint. In view of her desperate defense of the region and its fight against injustice Colonialism, therefore they call her “the guard of the city.

  • Qawraya National ParkQawraya National Park:

The national park in Qawraya is a nature reserve located in the Algerian state of Bejaia, it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and during your trip, its beautiful beaches will impress your mind. You cannot ignore the beautiful nature of the mountains. On the other hand, you will enjoy looking at the tangled trees and valleys emanating from the Atlas Mountains. The park host 1.2 million visitors a year, especially during the summer.

The park divided into several sections:

Wild, Wild or Primitive Area, Low Growth Area (Consists of two parts: a low-lying area of ​​Da’adara Nqawraya and a low-growth area, Adrar Overno), buffer zone (consists of two zones: a wildlife protection zone and a mixed protection zone in the wild Divided into three areas: the area of ​​attraction and recreation area for relaxation, recreation and tourism area).

Due to many amazing sites in this historic city, you will not know from where to start your tour. Some of the most sites: Arch of Massif (you will enjoy what nature has carved in the rock to form an art arch see entrance to the city), Qawraya top, Capron head, monkeys top, gates, and fences, waterfall of Kafreda, and Vouka tower.

Kafreda Waterfalls                                                                                    Vouka Tower

Vouka TowerKafreda Waterfalls 


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