Algiers the Capital

The city of Algiers changed a lot in recent years; many developments occurred renovations performed reconstructed or refurbished places and other erased places replaced by new facilities, often for entertainment or business.

The government began to care for the city and services, especially after the displacement from the countryside because of the civil war in the nineties.

Improvements added to this city made an attraction tourist station.

Top places to visit in this city:

1. The Test Garden of Hamma:
The Test Garden of Hamma

It is a natural beauty museum, amazing, wonderful colorful and bright plants. It is mixed between classical French and British gardens, you will enjoy walking among this charming attractive place, natural scenery will take your mind. French built it on a large area with more than 2400 kind of trees and flowers that, more than 100 years age old.

2. The shrine of the martyr:The shrine of the martyr

Is an Algeria independence commemorative symbol. Built in memorial of Algeria independence, and War victims. It is the most famous city monuments, Consists of three-cement palm leaf tree, you can get to it either by taxi, or chairlifts ride as it is faster, also you will enjoy the city scenery amazing view from the sky which allow you to discover the city.

3. Eastern Waterfront or Sublette:

Eastern Waterfront or Sublette

This area was abandoned for years, visited only by anglers and drunkards. Today it become frequented tourist destinations, due to entertainment projects built for young and old people, including a dedicated ceremony site and a special stand for attendees. It is nice nature spot for relaxing, and tourist activities, perfect for families and singles. Green spots, colorful flowers, playgrounds built and public sea view swimming pools, also bowling alley, a museum for historical and heritage exhibits, a multipurpose exhibition hall and a floating marina, a marina and a sandy beach with basketball and foot courts. This area is crowded especially in the summer nights.

Notre Dame Africa Church4. Notre Dame Africa Church:

In addition, known Algeria Church, built by the French to imitate Byzantine architecture, built on a plateau overlooking the sea. When you visit this architectural masterpiece, you will enjoy the unique architecture, unique design and beautiful views, as it is a masterpiece of architecture. During your stroll in the church, a phrase written above the altar meaning: “Lady of Africa pray for us and the Muslims.”

5. Modern and Contemporary Museum Art:

Modern and Contemporary Museum Art

During your visit to the museum, you will see a unique style of architecture in design and construction as it is a masterpiece distinguished in many respects. It is the first of its kind in Algeria, perhaps in the Arab world and Africa, specialized in modern and contemporary art; it is the largest art museum in North Africa and the Middle East. Consider Major important reference for modern and contemporary art design exhibitions.

Ketchaoua Mosque

6. Ketchaoua Mosque:

The origin of Ketchaoua word is Turkish and it means “goat market”, because the mosque yard used for goats trading and raising. This mosque is one of the most famous historical mosques in Algiers. Built in the Ottoman era then transformed French into a church during colonialism. After independence, the Turks rebuilt the mosque again; it is a beautiful mixture of Arab and Turkish architecture.


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