Tagith City

Taghit is a piece of paradise on earth, green landscape beauty, where the fresh springs are glistening, the desert is magnificent, golden sand, its dunes are extended, all these characteristics make it a beautiful natural painting.

Taghit has more than 90,000 palm trees and produces 50 kinds of dates, such as wet dates, hamira, taurigine, sultan and other types of dates.

The city of Taghit is famous for traditional folk food such as “drink”.

Tourist places:

Historical Sites
Historical Sites

1. The Old Palace:

An important historical monument, reflecting an important period back in the days.

The palace has two main entrances, front door for visitors, and tourist, other door from the back leads to a large yard where you will enjoy the landscape of the magnificent palm groves and your ears will mirth while hearing the songs (Mayan friends) as Taghit inhabitants call it, a group of women chanting folk songs called (Rahba).

Rock inscriptions2. Rock inscriptions:

Inscriptions on the rocks tells the story of the people who lived in that area in a certain period. Rocks inscriptions the oldest evidence of civilizations existence. Most famous civilization passed on the city is civilization of cows and was famous for the cows’ herds’ abundance, deer, bulls, and other animals.

These inscriptions were the first method human used to express the life style and explain surrounding environment of nature and animals, estimated at more than 9 thousand years BC.


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