Annaba City

Annaba city is the capital of Annaba state in Algeria, known as the jujube, due to huge amount of jujube trees in the city.

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Algeria, it is fourth most important city in Algeria and one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean Sea,

If you visit Algeria, this is one of the places you have to check for many reasons; amazing sea view, its splendor beauty, nice beautiful atmosphere and a large number of hotels are eligible to receive visitors and tourists.

During your stay in the city, you will be intrigued to discover the city secrets.

The monuments and places of tourists in the harbor are varied. There are mosques, churches and museums, even the houses themselves are footprints.

Recommend sites for tourist in the city:

  1. Hippone Museum Hippone Museum:

The museum is one of the most important monuments in the city because it explains the history of the city due to ancient artifacts that tell visitors and tourists the city’s fascinating story thru mosaic paintings and other images and antiques, including silver and copper statues and paintings of mosaics of different historical ages that passed through the city. In the Hall of Statues there are several goddesses dating back to the first centuries AD, to reflect the Roman thought that made gods of all things in which human beings differ, such as intelligence and power, where we find the wine god Bacus, also Venous the god of beauty and wisdom among the Romans.

    1. Most Important Mosques:

 The Grand Mosque: It is the third largest mosque in Algeria, where designers were keen to preserve the Arab Islamic character. Consists of a large prayer hall, which can accommodate more than 60 thousand prayers, also a Koranic school, a house of fatwa, a library, shops, in addition to the lighthouse, not to mention the green areas where the inclusion of giants and fountains.

  • Al-Isra and Al-Maraj Mosque: One of the most famous mosques in the city in the neighborhood of the resistance built in the nineties.
  • Al Furqan Mosque: It is the largest mosque in Annaba for the grandfather now, but the completion of the Grand Mosque of Annaba, which is the third largest mosque in Algeria after the Mosque of Algiers and Constantine.
  • Al-Firdous Mosque: The most beautiful mosques of Annaba in the famous Wad al-Qubba neighborhood.
  • Mosque Zubayr Ibn al-Awam: second largest mosque in Annaba and the third after the completion of the Grand Mosque.
  1. St. Augustine Church:

Catholic Church built by the French at the top of the peak of the plateau, making it a monument and castle protecting the city of Hippone.

The church itself is a wonderful masterpiece of the places you should visit, especially since more than 450 million dollars invested to attract thousands of tourists and visitors annually. Built of white marble, red marble and solid wood, making it a wonderful architectural and masterpiece worthy of admiration and appreciation.


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