Safaga is a coastal city on the Red Sea, divided into two main villages, Al-Nasr, and Umm Al-Huwaytat village.

Tourist Activities:

You will notice that there are many tourist villages in Safaga where there are diving centers of high quality for the abundance of diving places and the most famous Sharm El Naga, where the fire and fan coral reefs. The fish, octopus and seashells range from beach to beach. There are also diving training centers, fishing competitions and many recreational activities. Safaga also has a number of internationally renowned fish restaurants and restaurants. It is famous for therapeutic black sand, which used to treat some skin diseases and chronic joint diseases such as psoriasis.

Safaga is an important Egyptian port for import and export of goods and metals. It has a port of great importance for transporting individuals to Saudi Arabia, especially in the Hajj season, due to its proximity to the coast of the Kingdom. Safaga also has a charming atmosphere throughout the year. It also has a beautiful calm on its shores because there is an island in front of it to make it without waves, but with pure water.

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