Dahab is an Egyptian city follows the southern Sinai province and is located on the Gulf of Aqaba. It named because of its sand golden color. The city divided into two parts. The first is located in the south, called the village of Al-Asla, and known for its simple Bedouin life. The second section is located to the north and is the spirit and pulse of the city because it includes commercial markets and entertainment. The city is famous for its pristine beaches and coral reefs.

Tourist Sites in Dahab:

Nabq Reserve:

It is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. You can choose from a variety of activities such as diving, safari, bird watching, wild animals and this desert nature reserve you can see when you visit wildlife sanctuaries such as deer, foxes and Nubian camels. You can also see colorful fish and colorful coral reefs during the Gulf diving adventure in this area, as there are some kinds of rodents and reptiles. Features flat coral reefs, some sea caves and mangrove vegetation.



Abu Gallum Reserve:

Called Al-Resasa Valley, also located on Aqaba Gulf and has a special advantage is a wonderful convergence of mountains with the beach and this makes the scenery stunning. The reserve known for having an underground cave system of up to 100 meters but not stable. It also has coral reefs, colorful fish, marine grasses, wild birds and plants almost 165 kinds, 44 kinds only found in that reserve. The reserve characterized by its own its integrated ecosystem, which combines desert and mountain environment and its range of valleys, as well as its marine environment because of its rich coral reefs and colorful fish, and has a wild life rich in animals, rodents and reptiles.

  • Blue Hole

The blue hole is a deep hole in the Red Sea with a shallow opening known as the saddle and another slot out of the blue hole to the open sea called the arch in the shape of a long tunnel. It is the area attract divers, they attracted to the view of the arch connecting the open sea with the blue hole, also because it’s fascinating and wondrous views in its own, where the scenes of light formations, marine plants, animals and the mountain meet with sea.


This is a sport for adventurous and diving enthusiasts, but it is dangerous that you should not try it because of the number of deaths, which is why it named the Divers’ Cemetery.

Diving in this area is an interesting and enjoyable activity for divers but it is dangerous because it contains a number of deadly caves that deceive the diver and think that they are less deep than they actually appear. There are also coral reefs, charming coral reefs, various fish species and lots of magic and excitement, but we warn you a lot before embarking on this adventure.

  • Al-Asala:

Is a popular village in Dahab, inhabited by approximately 75% of Dahab residents and divided into three residential areas (Al-Asla Al-Zarnouk, Mubarak City).

Laguna area:

This area contains the only sandy beach in the city, attracting large numbers of divers because of the existence of precious treasures and beautiful views and picturesque underwater, and the area contains a limited number of hotels and diving centers.

  • Coral Island:

Located near the Palestinian borders and there was a castle built by the Crusaders during the Crusades castle remains, still present you can visit this place and see them.

  • Masbat area:

The main commercial area in the city of Dahab with a wide range of hotels, cafes, shops and diving clubs.

  • Aiel Garden:

Represents a wonderful painting for diving lovers located in the north of the city of Dahab and contains countless swarms of colorful fish that cover the seabed amidst blocks of magnificent coral reefs.

  • Al-Malil area:

There are some small hotels located on the parallel coast of gold in this area.

  • Oasis:

There is a large variety of rare fish that you will enjoy seeing them.

Recreational Activities in Dahab:

  • Diving:

As mentioned previously, diving is almost the most important sport, and tourist activity in Dahab city. There is more than 25 diving centers and the cheapest at the level of Sinai. If you are a diving enthusiast, you will have great during your stay in the city, which cannot found elsewhere.

  • Yoga:

The magnificent Dahab city and its golden sands make the city a suitable place to practice yoga and meditation. There are also yoga classes in Dahab.

  • Skydiving:

Wonderful, and amazing beautiful sport and there are centers for all kinds jump parachutes learning.

  • Surfing:

Dahab is a suitable place to practice this sport on the Sailboards, and gliders. There are also dhow boats, water bikes and rowing boats.

  • Rock climbing:

You can practice rock climbing by going to the Valley of Paradise and enjoying this adventure.

  • Safari:

Safari is a journey in the desert to visit the Bedouins to learn about their lives and types of beauty safari, safari cars.

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