The city of Aswan is the capital of Aswan province and the most important city of Nubia civilization area, which has long been the southern gate for Egypt, the city is located on the eastern bank of the Nile at the first waterfall. A railway, desert and agricultural land routes, Nile boats and local flights connect it to Cairo. Aswan has many tourist attractions and has many temples, tourist areas and handicraft-based businesses where you can see the handicraft industry there and discuss with the makers of these magnificent ceramic products.

Most Important Monuments and Tourist Areas:

  • Nubia Museum:

The Nubia Museum found to be a place of antiques and collectibles of different ages. It designed in a way that mimics the surrounding nature of rocks and hills. The museum contains a beautiful archaeological garden, a cave that shows prehistoric times, and decorated with distinctive rock patterns. The museum has an Islamic Fatimid minaret style almost 5,000 years old and you find a model of the Nubian House surrounded by lakes so the museum is a place that shows the history of Nubia from all sides, you can understand the history of Nubia from your visit to this museum.

  • Elephantine Island:

The island of Elephantine was one of the strongest fortresses on the border of southern Egypt. located on the other side of city of Aswan, known in the Egyptian texts as “Abu” meaning elephant teeth, then became Elephantine in Greek era. It is believed to be at one time a center for ivory trading, and the island includes Khenom temple, Nile scale, King Amenhotep the Second gate, the Trinity of Satet and Anat, the Temples of Tuthmosis third III, in addition to the Greek Roman cemetery.

  • The High Dam:

It is a building similar to the open lotus flower, with a Russian design and is a symbol of Russian-Egyptian friendship. Therefore, the high dam has historical importance in the memory of the Egyptians. Tourists will enjoy spectacular views of the Nile River on dam water gates, they can see it from the observation point on the dam, using one of the three elevators in the building to reach the surface of the symbol, and in addition, visitors can see the entire city of Aswan. Where the water level rises strongly when opening the gates to enjoy the visitor with a rainbow in seven colors of the spectrum.

  • Nile Museum:

The Museum of the Nile is important to the people of the region and tourists, knowing that it is a new establishment; it is now on the map of tourist sites in Aswan. When you visit the museum, you will be amazed at what your springs will see from the monuments that represent the civilization of the region.

The museum consists of three floors and a garden. It includes hundreds of pictures and exhibits that reflect the history of the Nile and the Egyptian projects that erected on it, as well as a presentation of the most important national projects of the Ministry of Irrigation. Nile.

  • The Plants Island:

The Aswan Botanical Garden is one of the rare islands in the world. When you visit this unique island, you will enjoy more than 500 species of plants from all over the world.

The most beautiful experiences during your visit to the Botanical Garden, is a boat ride in the Nile River from the east for a nice trip in the Nile for minutes amid the river and natural rocks, enjoying the scenery of nature cannot be forgotten.

  • Princess Ferial Park:

Ferial Panorama Park on the banks of the Nile River in Aswan Governorate in the south. It built in the 1940s under the patronage of Princess Ferial, sister of King Farouk, and named after the park in appreciation of her role in its establishment.

From Princess Ferial’s garden, you witness the sunset in the Nile River. It is a great pleasure for tourists visiting Aswan. It also has granite terraces overlooking the most beautiful part of the Nile with its dazzling glow, and the garden design is unrivaled.

  • West Suhail:

The West Suhail area of Aswan has special tourist importance because most of its population work in tourism and have turned their homes into resorts and shops that welcome tourists of all nationalities who enjoy the pleasure of spending a whole day in the village of Nubia wearing their clothes and eating their food. West Suhail’s rookie club relies on a broad base of youngsters. Most tourism companies have now placed them on the map of foreign tourists visiting Egypt and Aswan Governorate.

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