The Edge of the World

The Edge of the World is part of the “Tuwaiq Mountains” chain near the village of Al-Uyayna, located on Wadi Hanifa on Mount Fahrain, in the Al-Arid region, central Najd, near the city of Riyadh.
You can see one of the most amazing views and amazing places to visit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
When we look at the horizon from the edge it seems as if the plains continue endlessly.
Regular tourist trips are organized to this enormous rocky edge, and many lovers of nature, strange rock formations, and enormous heights overlooking villages, valleys, farms, and sand dunes, visit it in amazing natural formations.

Some activities that visitors can enjoy:

The Edge of the World is part of the “Tuwaiq Mountains” series, which includes many activities, including:

Walking and Climbing: Visitors can explore the area on foot and wander among the huge boulders and deep canyons. They can also climb on some rocks to get wonderful and amazing views.
Camping: Camping is a popular activity, where visitors can spend a night in the wilderness and experience an atmosphere of peace and tranquility under the starry sky.
Photography: It offers great photography opportunities, whether it is of sunrises, sunsets or the beauty of the desert landscape.
Enjoy the Scenery: Visitors can simply sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty that the Edge of the World has to offer.
Land Trips: Land trips can be organized from Riyadh or nearby cities to visit the edge of the world, and are usually done by local tour companies.

Visitors should keep in mind that Edge of the World is located in a remote wilderness area, so they must take precautions, carry necessary supplies and be prepared for desert conditions.

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