Touristic activities in Cairo vary in this ancient city, which has captured the hearts of millions of people, tourism divided to entertainment, culture, history and religion. Where it is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, where there are popular neighborhoods, where people do not sleep, and the Nile, which dazzles visitors at night.

Accommodation in Cairo will vary in luxury and price to suit all visitors and tourists.

Important Sites to visit in Cairo:

  • Pyramids of Giza:

These monuments amazed the scientists, historians, and all those who saw it because of the secrets and puzzles as it considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they are royal tombs each bears the name of the king who built and buried in it.

  • Sphinx:

The Sphinx is a statue of a mythical creature with the body of a lion and human head, built by the Pharaohs more than 2500 BC, the oldest known monumental sculpture. The statue and its surrounding pyramids are among the most important tourist areas in Cairo, must be visited by tourists from all over the world.

  • Pharaonic Village:

From the moment you start your journey in this magnificent masterpiece, you will return in time thousands of years to another world you do not live in. when you start your tour through the channels that penetrate the village, you will find yourself immersed in Pharaonic Egypt. From the sights and echoes of Pharaonic Egypt, until you are finally convinced that you have truly traveled through time to a wonderful past.

  • Salah al-Din Citadel:

Built on a high plateau to explore the glories of the ancient past, one of the most luxurious medieval war castles. The citadel of Salah al-Din located in one of the most important tourist areas in Cairo. The Citadel neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by many ancient mosques dating back to the Fatimid period, such as the Ibn Tulun Mosque and the Sultan Hassan Mosque, which are considered the most famous Islamic landmarks in the city as well as the Rifai Mosque.

  • Archaeological Park Museum:

When you visit Archaeological park Museum you will enjoy a collection of Islamic monuments from columns, crowns, cages, Ayyubid, Mamelukes, Ottoman and Muhammad Ali Pasha, historic doors and memorial plates.

This collection brought from the warehouses of the Supreme Council of Antiquities from Sultan Hassan, Barqouq Mosque, Fustat and stores of the Museum of Islamic Art. Hundreds of these monuments restored.

  • Cairo Tower:

One of the most prominent landmarks in Cairo, built on Zamalek Island in the Cairo’s central city in the Nile River, an architectural masterpiece built by the Egyptians in the form of the Pharaonic Lotus, a symbol of their civilization, which attracts tourists from all over the world. When you visit the tower, to go to the top of the tower where the tourist restaurant on a rotating platform revolves to show the Cairo amazing beauty from all sides, and there is a telescope to see all sites, places, and monuments of Cairo without leaving your spot.

  • Abdeen Palace:

This palace considered one of the best tourist places in Cairo, where it was the seat of government from 1872 until 1952. The palace witnessed important historical events from the time of the Queen until the revolution of July 1952, which was the beginning of the establishment of Cairo Modern. After that the palace became a museum visited by thousands of tourists when tourism in Cairo.

  • Egyptian Opera House:

  The Egyptian Opera House, or the National Cultural Center, is a grant from the Japanese government.

This great cultural edifice replacing the Khedive Opera House, which burned down.

The Opera House has several cultural centers such as the Palace of the Arts, the Hanagers center for the Arts, the Syndicate of Fine Artists, the Opera music library, and others.

There are also local bands such as Cairo Opera Ballet, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Cairo Opera Chorus, Cairo Opera, and others.

  • Most Important Museums in Cairo:

Egypt itself is the largest museum of antiquities in the world. Egypt is rich in antiquities of various civilizations and ages such as Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Coptic, Mameluke, and other eras in which the arts and architecture developed.

You will be surprised of museums diversity during Cairo visit, each one of them is specialized in civilization, or an era that has left its mark there, due to the ancient city and the great civilizations circulation. Every museum tell the story of the people who lived in the region.

Most Important museums:

• Egyptian Museum: consider the most important, includes the treasures of Pharaonic Egypt such as Tutankhamun antiques, which are priceless.

• The Coptic Museum.

• Civilization Museum: Located in the island area, using the latest techniques of modern presentation models and illustrations. When you visit the museum, you can track the evolution of civilizations from the prehistoric era to the modern era.

 Main sections:

Prehistory, Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Christian, Islamic, Mameluke, French, 19th century.

•Islamic art museum.


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