Constantine City

The city of Constantine, Algeria, or Cirta is one of the oldest cities in the world. Many civilizations lived there, including Phoenicians, Romans, Almowahdeen, Ottomans, French colonialism and others, which gave it a unique cultural, architectural and aesthetic character. Charming mix between its ancient history and nature beauty.

The city of Constantine known as the “bridges city ” due to many constructed bridges linking the city’s suburbs to one of the most densely populated cities.

One of the most striking features of the city is that it built on a rock of hard limestone, which gave it a unique and unrivaled view, where the bridges built to link the different areas of the city; now it contain more than 8 bridges, some of them destroyed due to neglect.

Islam arrival effect to the region is obvious on its cultural image, and mosques construction. The last and most famous Mosque is Prince Abdul Qadir Mosque, one of the largest mosques in North Africa, characterized by the highest minarets, which are 107 meters high and height of the dome of 64 meters, with dazzling view, magnificent architecture; it is an artwork in this area.

The most popular tourist areas:

Ahmed Bay Palace in Constantine City1. Ahmed Bay Palace

The palace is one of the most beautiful palaces built there, embodies old traditional life. The palace built on Roman ruins Cirta city, surrounded by three gardens considered residential for number of pets and rare birds. Palace area around 6500 square meters, built in 1835, the palace corridors decorated with more than 250 columns of marble, characterized by Islamic inscriptions on its walls. It consists of 121 rooms, built in 10 years. In the middle of the palace is a reservoir filled with red fish. When you visit the palace, you will enjoy the inscriptions that adorn the walls and pillars of the palace and captivate your heart the nature of the gardens of the palace decorated with rare species of birds and animals.

Prince Abdul Qader Mosque Constantine City2. Prince Abdul Qader Mosque

The largest mosque in the city bridges, the prayer hall accommodates about 15,000 worshipers, the architects and designers in the courtyard are beautiful. You will see the beautiful decoration that adorns the walls of the mosque. It also contains the largest chandelier in Algeria, as well as exquisite drawings. It is a masterpiece art created by humans in the present age simulates the Andalusian oriental style.

There is an Islamic Sciences University within the mosque property, many of distinguished scholars graduated from it such as Sheikh Mohammed al-Ghazali, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi.

Roman Arches 3. Roman Arches

A masterpiece of Roman civilization reflecting the splendor architecture of at that time built on the road leading to the lead reefs, the water flows through the arches from Boumerzouq spring and from Fesakia (Mount Girion) to the reservoirs and cisterns located in the city’s Kadiyya, The splendor of architecture in Roman civilization.

4. The Caesar Baths

The Caesar Baths These baths are a witness on Roman civilization wonderful architecture, located in the sand valley, built in the Roman era, they around 20 baths visited by tourists from inside and outside the country.

Some of these monuments remains until today located on the slope in the sand valley, opposite the train station, but the floods destroyed them in 1957. These Roman baths used to attracted families to shower in warm water and enjoy the surrounding scenery, especially in the spring.

Saleh Bay Resident5. Saleh Bay Resident

Is a resort for recreation, located 08 km north-west of Constantine, was a private country house, built by Saleh Bay for his family in the 18th century, to become a beautiful building surrounded by beautiful gardens that adorn the slope to the valley of sand, Is a veiled destination for women to practice some interracial rituals, known as the newsletter.

6. Sidi Mseid bridge commentator

Sidi Mseid bridge commentator One of the most famous built bridges in the region, built by the French, took three years to be done. This bridge runs through the sand valley and connects the Constantine hospital and the Casbah approach area. It is a huge commentator bridge; you will impressed by its design, not to mention the beautiful landscapes of beautiful plants and colorful flowers. The running water under the bridge will capture your heart and enchant your mind, bridge view and surrounding nature. Connect between two areas in the city Casbah and Constantine Hospital. This bridge is the first tourist destination when they visit the city.


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