El Quseir

El Quseir:

It means the close, some people says this city got its name because it is the closest route between Upper Egypt and the Red Sea.

      The Pharaohs were digging for gold; also, it had a strategic importance in the war. Today, it has become a quiet tourist resort where you can lie on the beautiful sandy beaches, practice various water sports and enjoy the natural landscape of coral reefs such as the Wazzar K 40, one of the largest gatherings Coral reefs.

 You can also visit the ruins of the city; there is a collection of Christian and Islamic monuments of different eras. For example, there is a castle; also, there is the shrine of Sheikh Abi Hassan.

Al-Qaseer has Coptic and Roman ruins in the old Quseir area north of Kilo 8. It also has Islamic monuments, the castle and some buildings in the center of the country. The short link in the valley of the Nile road length of 180 km passes through the baths and reach the city of Qeft Qena. This valley has Pharaonic antiquities dating back to the time of Queen Hatshepsut and a gold mine in Wadi Al-Fawkhir.

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