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Tickets for Transportation and yacht rental from 12Go which  is one of the largest online travel agencies in Southeast Asia and Oceania, which offers online booking of ground and water transport services all on one platform, more than 5,000 destinations tickets are sold for more than  in 100+ countries worldwide.

Tickets for Transportation and yacht rental from 12Go has already helped more than 3,500,000 travelers from around the world get from point A to point B trouble-free and with a high-quality service guarantee. Over the years, the service has received more than 166,000 customer reviews.

12Go ultimate goal is to connect the world door-to-door, from transfers to flights, under the same single-standard ticket. This is why our team is managing operators from many countries and connecting them with customers from all over the world.

The mission is to be an integral member of the community by providing meaningful and cost-effective transportation choices. We want to help both the leisure and the business traveler to discover easily accessed transportation and compare e-tickets for buses, ferries, trains and air transportation with a global reach.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Over 8,300 operators.
  • More than 6,750 destinations.

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