Timimoun City

If you are looking for a place to have fun, Timimon should be one of the places to think about, especially if you love the tranquility of nature during their tours, where you can see the beautiful nature of the landscape and the springs. You will be impressed from palaces and houses amazing architecture.

When you visit the city, you will notice that it is within a triangle in the region of Qorara, administrated by three cities in southern Algeria: Adrar, and Aïn Salih. You will also enjoy seeing the palaces built of dirt and red clay on a plateau Decorated with palaces.

You will also see the door of the Sudan headquarters of the circle and the mosque is a French antiquity.

Tourist Activities and Sites

• Nature:

Nature attractions in Timimoun You will see amazing, wonderful nature, where plenty palm trees oasis, desert palaces. You will like old palaces scattered among the sand dunes and their ancient caves, unique beautiful landscapes all together shape an artistic mosaic painted.

These palm oases, mediated by sand dunes and arid deserts, have made the region a unique tourist destination, which is explored by visitors or tourists who find the elements of this nature peaceful and calm.

  • Attraction sites in Timimoun Algeria  Palaces:

Palace in local people language means set of homes built grouped together for each family population composed of local red brick communities, from which Timimon took its name, the Red Oasis.

When you visit the city, you will see the palaces spread over the mountains and dunes, which are inhabited communities. Each of them has their own palaces, built on beautiful geometric shapes; you cannot tell the beginning is the end only from the gates borders. Palm fronds form a celling to recover from the sun and a pleasant atmosphere.

Some of palaces are Masin, Bani Mahalal, Zaqour, Badriyan, Tenerkuk and others are a destination for tourists.

  • Safari Trips Safari Trips:

When you visit Timimon, you should try dessert adventures, and activities such climb the high dunes by camels, or buggies to experience the true meaning of excitement, and enjoyment of the vast desert landscapes from a clear perspective, also variety of animals animal and nature resources, in addition to the exceptional archaeological sites. Enjoy watching the stars at night in peace, meet the local try their food and learn how to survive in the desert.


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