Hurghada consists of four main areas:


Including shops, restaurants, resorts, hotels, banks, supermarkets, barbershops, laundries, tourist offices, diving centers, public beaches open to the public and there are many cafés (meaning butter and the best place in the city for walking on foot and without boredom).


Called the plateau because when you walk in Scaffold Main Street, the land rises towards a huge plateau overlooking the seacoast. It is very close to the Scaffold, and has modern and luxurious tourist villages and resorts such as (Sinbad Hilton Sheraton).


The old area of ​​Hurghada or the country where the popular neighborhoods and cafes are popular and inhabited by the people of the country who do not work in tourism (means anglers, peasants and ordinary people of Hurghada).

Airport Road Area:

It has important tourist resorts such as A Thousand and One Nights, Magawish Village, Yasmine Village, and Water Park.

What you can do in Hurghada:



Where you will be impressed from what you will see beneath the sea of stunning coral reefs and colorful fish, and it is a great adventure worth exploring to enjoy the sea, coral reef and fish landscape.

If you are not a diver, you have to wear fins, diving glasses and stubble, and must be a good swimmer or wear a live jacket before you go to the sea for safety

Another note: Make sure no strong wave before you go under the water because the wave will cover the breath and may occur problems you are indispensable.


Sindbad Village:

You will find resorts and tourist hotels that offer water sports and other recreational activities, as well as fine restaurants and cafes. You can get a massage for your body and relax in the massage rooms at the hands of specialists.

There is also a glass submarine and a glass floor boat, you can choose one or both of them to enjoy beneath the sea of stunning coral reefs and colorful fish with a wonderful group of tourists in the charming nature of the Red Sea.



Thousand Night and Night Village:

Daily show conducted throughout the year called “Thousand Nights and Night” in two very large theaters. When you enter the village door, you will feel that you are in Khan al-Khalili, where all the shops sell souvenir and heritage pieces, also you can check small restaurants, cafeterias, shawarma places, shisha and bar cafes, until the first show start, this is an Egyptian folklore show. Second show starts two hours directly after the first show ends, visitors need to go to a theater like football playground to catch second show, where they can hear the sound, and see pharaonic light in a very large theater tells the history of the Pharaohs, the Nile girl story, and other things, performed by professional actors.



Safari Tours:

Safari trips outside Hurghada include off-road and SUV routes where you can take off-road tours, rugged terrain vehicles and SUVs to Bedouin and mountain areas also you can drive desert tanks with three wheels or four with dinner or lunch. In my opinion, it is a wonderful and beautiful adventure. Every time I have the opportunity, I will do this wonderful adventure.



Aqua Park Adventures:

You will find many Aqua Parks in Hurghada, such as (Makadi Watar) city, which consider almost perfect, it is has most of water games over 50 games, it is a nice place to spend a beautiful day. There is also (Jungle Aqua Park) city, this site combines games and good location in one spot, it has a tourist walkway and proximity to the mall, and airport gave it the importance. There are also other Aqua Parks. All of them have various activities such swimming pools and water slides. Besides the sports, everyone in the family will find something to enjoy whether you are planning a holiday full of activity or a family vacation.


El Gouna village:

El Gouna is a site for deep diving and various water sports. The resort has two main beaches: Zitouna Beach and Mangrove Beach. The resort has a large number of canals, which makes every villa or chalet at the resort a private beach. The water channels built with small stone bridges to facilitate mobility.

There is also a fully equipped hospital in El Gouna, EGIS school, and a small airport for the resort and private jet and charter aircraft.

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