Tlemcen is a city of northwestern Algeria, known as the “Pearl of the Maghreb”. It is a glorious past, prosperous, with Andalusian monuments and a magnificent natural beauty. It is the city of art and history.

Known for the beauty of nature, its forests, springs and other forms of beauty and the effects that attract visitors.

Tlemcen is the only city that has maintained its heritage where it has survived during the various epochs that have passed through the region of wars and other factors.

Tourism in Tlemcen:

There are at least 45 tourist areas between natural and historical sites in the Tlemcen area such as Sidi Boumediene, Al-ebad School, Sidi Bel-hassen Mosque, Sidi El Halawi Mosque, El Mshour, Mansoura ruins, Ain Faza caves, Bab El Qarmdeen, Agadir minaret, Lattice plateau.

Some sites we recommend visiting:

• The Grand Mosque: Founded by the Almoravids in 1086, which is very similar to the Algiers Mosque and the Nendroumeh, the decoration of the mihrab shows the splendor of Islamic architecture and reminds us of the Mosque of Córdoba.

Al Mashhour Palace: Palace of the rule of Bani Abdel-Wad. Outer wall modified during the French colonial period.

Sidi Belhassan Mosque: Currently a museum of the city. It is a small shrine built by Sultan Osman of Bani Abd al-Wad in 1296 and is very beautiful.

Al-Mansoura: Built by the Marinates in the 14th century. Located in the western suburbs of Tlemcen, only some parts of the city surrounded wall and the important monuments remains is the minaret, which is the symbol of the city.

Al-Abbad Town: located on a rock overlooking the Tlemcen plain, built by the Marinate Sultan Abu Hassan in the 14th century, there is a mosque and religious schools. It is adjacent to the tomb of Sidi Boumediene Devine Tlemcen. Making this site one of the most important sites for those interested in Moroccan Andalusian art.

• The Tomb of the Rabbi Ephraim Enqawa: A Shrine of the Jewish Community in Tlemcen City.

Lalasity Plateau: in the upper part of the city. Give you a wonderful and comprehensive view of the city and surrounding areas. It has gardens for recreation, artificial ponds and playgrounds, a museum of stress and an astronomical observatory.

Al-Wiart Falls: flowing from an Al-Mafroush valley spread over the adjacent ponds in the willow valley. A place to walk and swim.

Ain Faza caves: three caves lined with many calms and stalagmites give a strange impression of the forms and sculptures in them.


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