The Kingdom of Bahrain is an exciting mix of culture, history, entertainment and landscapes.

There are many places and activities that you can enjoy, because the Kingdom of Bahrain contains many tourist attractions to satisfy all tastes.

Types of tourism:

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an exciting mix of culture, history, entertainment and enchanting landscapes. As you will find diversity in the same tourism such as historical, sports, natural, and others, we mention, but are not limited to:


There is the rich heritage of ancient civilisations, dating back over 5,000 years, with many temples and death tombs to explore.
The forts at Riffa, Arad, and of course Bahrain Fort itself are fine examples of ancient architecture. Closer to the present, historically speaking, you can visit restored Muharraq houses that depict the Bahraini style of houses as they were during the last century. Or you can learn about the history of pearl diving at the Pearl Museum.


Nature lovers can visit Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary where they will see flamingos, ostriches, camels and the famous Oryx.
Or you can take a trip to the center of the island and marvel at the Tree of Life that has survived for hundreds of years in the middle of the desert.


If sports are your thing, take a Friday trip to the racetrack in Sakhir. And while you're there, why not pop over to the Bahrain International Circuit for some water sports, or enjoy nearby water sports at Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, the largest and most modern water park in the Middle East.

The most important places and activities that you can enjoy in Bahrain:

Bahrain National Museum: This museum showcases Bahraini history and culture through a large collection of artifacts and interactive exhibits.
Manama City: The capital of Bahrain, it includes many tourist attractions such as the Central Market, the Bahraini Fort, Al-Bab Al-Bahraini, and others.
Old Bahrain: Explore this historic area of narrow alleys and traditional infrastructure of old houses and mosques.
Amwaj Island: It is considered one of the largest water resorts in the region and offers many water games and adventures.
Sheikh Khalifa Natural Park: This park provides an opportunity to enjoy walking, wandering in nature, and seeing local wildlife.
Shopping: You can shop in shopping centers such as “City Center Bahrain” and “Moda Mall” and enjoy international brands and high-end restaurants.
Culture and Arts: Enjoy cultural and artistic events such as the Bahrain Film Festival and musical and theatrical performances.
Bahraini Food: Try local cuisine such as majboos, mahshi, and grilled fish in traditional restaurants.
Diving and snorkeling: Bahrain provides wonderful opportunities for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts to explore coral reefs and diverse marine life.
Family and Children Center: Families can enjoy fun times in entertainment centers such as “Musa Siq” and “Juffair Gardens”.

In Bahrain you also find various accommodation options from luxury hotels to budget accommodation. Bahrain is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world, whether you are looking to explore culture and history, enjoy relaxing times on the beaches, or shopping and delicious cuisine.


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