Ajloun considered one of the important cities in Jordan because of its many characteristics and features such as water availability, soil fertility, orchards, and the various monuments in the city and its villages.

Ajloun considered one of the important cities in Jordan
Ajloun Resort

There are many activities and adventures you can do when you visit the city or the surrounding countryside.

We also refer to the presence of religious monuments such as the sanctuary of the great companion Akrama Ibn Abi Jahl, and the Church of Our Lady of the Mountain.



Some Tourist Activities and Adventures:

  • Family Trips: You and your family or friends can go to one of the forests available for hiking, listening to scenic scenery and barbecuing.
  • Ajloun Tourist resort: located in the region of Ashtvina and is a nature reserve and tourists from Jordan and abroad are camping in the wooden huts and can go in tours between the forests with the help of a guide to know the area well, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery.
  • Ashtfina Hotel & Resort: The tourist resort of Ashtfina has furnished chalets and large halls for weddings and events. It also has quiet and family sessions, swimming pool and waterfalls, where the food is served by the best chefs, all at a reasonable price for all.

  • Mountain Adventure: where the adventurous atmosphere will live with the most accomplished mountain climbers through the descent by strong ropes and well tethered from the top of the mountain to the valley.

  • Ajloun Castle: Also called the Castle of the spring and the citadel of Salah al-Din. leader Izz al-Din Osama contributed in construction and development, to be a focal point for the protection of the region and the maintenance of transport routes and pilgrimage routes between the Levant and the Hijaz to oversee the Jordan Valley and governed by the area between the Sea of Galilee and Sea.

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