Petra city, or pink city as it named, is one of the most creative historical cities in the world,  for the unique architectural design implemted in the pink color stones carved in rock.

The “Seeq”:

To start your journey in one of the most important tourist areas in Jordan, you must cross walking the (Seeq). The “Seeq” is a path about a kilometer long between two mountains, each side height is more than 75 meters, and when you reach the port of the Arab Nabataeans, which considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this great masterpiece of exquisite sculpture through the civilizations of history achievement, you will be fascinated.

The view you will see at the end of the Seeq will impress you and captivate your mind due to its fabulous beauty and charm. It is the famous safe, the pink art painting carved in pink rock, which reflects amazing colors of beauty when the sun shines.


Construction history of this unique edifice dates back to the first century AD. It built to be the tomb of one of the most important kings of the Nabataeans. This is  a witness on greatness civilization of the place, which tells us how those who carved this city in the rock are genius, also shows the creative architecture at that time. In addition, to be a rare masterpiece that attests to the greatness and civilization of its sculptors and the creation of its achievement.

Petra dates back to the 6th century BC Historical research indicates that the Nabatean Arabs settled it and made it a sign in art, sculpture, formation, a hard-to-penetrate fortress and an important commercial site linking the northern island of the Levant to the commercial caravans traveling along the Silk Road In the caravan trade.

This city witnessed repeated attempts by the Slavs, Byzantines, and Romans to control and subjugate them, but they were unable to submit until 100 AD. Where the Romans were able to enter and control it and remained an important center of the Roman Empire until the Romans ceased to Constantine.


Also, the stunning treasury will at be the beginning of your journey. It is the gateway to the pink city and the starting point to explore Petra, where the exquisite engineering works will show you the design, the beautiful natural scenery and the various monuments. Despite of earthquakes and natural factors this city experienced, Petra still have some rock-cut tombs exotic, in addition to the theater and the amphitheater, which can accommodate more than three thousands spectators, and it is a Roman-style building. Temples, sacrifices places, and paved streets driven by columns spread around the city and carved in the beautiful pink rocks.

The Monastery:

It is one of the most amazing archaeological sites and the most beautiful and magnificent sculpture in the beauty of Petra. In order to reach it, you need to climb up almost 800 steps, since it is on the top of the height, also carved from the rock in highly artistic forms. When you reaches at the top, a wonderful unique view will attract your mind and melt your heart and moves the horizon and space curiosity to discover the treasures of this wonderful city. You need two days or more to discover the secrets of this wonderful harbor will astonish the effects and impressed by what you will see, not to mention that there are two museums in this unique historical site.

The Museums:

First museum is the Petra Museum the second is the Nabataean Petra Museum.Where the two museums contain models of tools and artifacts discovered through searches and excavations that took place in Petra and the regions around. Ancient monuments in both museums are an indication on the ancient rocky city, and shows top of a mountain height; it is rugged tract difficult to reach only on foot, we should mention the city of Wadi Musa is at the gates of the Siq.


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