Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is located in lowest spot in the world the middle of the Jordan Valley, where it is a natural landscape, and the edge of the valley begins to rise from the western side to be a series of mountainous highlands.

Dead Sea got this name because there are no organisms to live in, and the warm winter weather  makes it a major cause for tourists.

The Dead Sea has a unique water surface where there is no such thing as salinity and degree of decline from sea level.


Dead sea is rich in minerals, and salts, sodium, potassium and others which used in various fields such as industry, and treatment, sold in huge quantities in Jordan and abroad.

Thousands of  tourists visit for treatment, beauty, tranquility and warmth each year, because of its warm water, and rich in beneficial minerals for the body.

Religious and Historical Importance:

It also has a religious, and historical importance becuase it has the Baptism, where Jesus baptized, also was the destination for famous historical figures from sultans, rulers, emperors and king ssuch as the Great King Herod, the Pharaonic Queen Cleopatra and others, and has the Roman, and Byzantine ruins such as churches, small temples and monasteries.

Tourists  Activiites:

  • Visit the Baptism:

 Is the place where Jesus baptized by John the Baptist according to Christian beliefs. Bethany where

John the Baptist preached and baptized in the early period of his reign.

Located nine kilometers north of the Dead Sea, this archeological site includes two major archaeological areas, the Al-Kharar Hill, known as the Mar Elias Hill or the Prophet Elia, and the John the Baptist Church area near the Jordan River.

This site also serves as a destination for Christian pilgrims, and listed under UNESCO World Heritage Committee, on 2015.


  • Wadi Al Mojib Nature Reserve:


Mujib Nature Reserve                

Wadi Al Mojib is one of the most important natural tourist attractions in the Dead Sea, where there are many tourist adventures can take.

There are several corridors (waterfall path, walker's corridor, and body lane) tourists can choose from to enjoy the nature, the rare animal, or the mountain descent through the waterfall.

Due to the different terrain from the highlands to the wadis, there were two rivers running through the reserve, resulting in diversity in wildlife and vegetation.

The tourist will enjoy the archaeological sites in the reserve. They can go Mujib River adventure, which includes swimming, climbing, landscaping and other activities.


  • Medical Tourism:

There is a treatment center at Dead Sea Spa Hotel offering natural skin care treatments, it has beauty and the natural healing elements of the Dead Sea, providing virous  therapeutic treatments such as anti-stress therapy, spa massages and mud packs to ultrasound therapy, galvanic therapy, microwave therapy, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy.

  • Relaxation Tourism: 

    Diversity of Dead Sea hotels gives visitors many choices of 4 and 5 stars, also treatment ones.  Any of these facilities will provide an ideal environment for seekers of tranquility, pleasure, and who is escaping from the stresses of daily life,  In addition to the health and treatment facilities, which is intended for many tourists who want to natural treatment of some diseases of joints and skin by the doctors and specialists with high scientific efficiency, As well as they can enjoy the tranquility, Adventure, warmth and beauty.


     Some 4 star hotels:

  • Dead Sea Hotel & Resort:

It is agood choice because you will find a variaty of accommodations, with and stunning sea views and mountains, beside the beautiful pools, also a diversity dining and entertainment options.


  •  Ramada Dead Sea Hotel & Resort:

Ramada Dead Sea Hotel and Resort is located between Mount Nebo, and the Jordan River. It offers a private beach and 2 swimming pools with terrace with sun loungers and gym.

Each room has a 32-inch TV, and a Dead Sea view balcony. All rooms have a desk, minibar,  and all are air-conditioned, beside 24 hours room service.

There is a diversity in the resort's restaurants and bars so that guests can enjoy the delicious and luxurious delights of the Ramada Dead Sea Hotel & Resort like Elements, Nojoom, Zero5 and Chillax.

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Some 5 star hotels:

  •  Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea:

Featuring outdoor swimming pools overlooking the Dead Sea, this hotel features a private beach and a spa treatment center for sea bays and sea salts.

The hotel's restaurants offer a range of different foods such as pasta, Thai dishes, special chocolate sweets and icebergs, and you can drink at the cocktail bar, which simulates its Babylonian art.

Tourists can enjoy or relax traditional Thai massage, or sessions in the traditional bathroom. The modern fitness center offers personal trainers on request, and yoga and relaxation classes are offered.

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  •   Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa:

All rooms are air-conditioned and feature quiet colors and balconies, some with views of the Dead Sea. The family consists of a luxurious mattress of feathers and cushions of feathers. A hairdryer, minibar and safe are provided.

Marriott Resort
Marriott Resort

The Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa offers delightful treatments, where guests can enjoy refreshments, beauty treatments and wellness treatments. There is also a swimming pool and treatment baths.

The Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel & Resort features 2 restaurants serving Italian and international cuisine and a meat restaurant. The bars include the Champion Sports Bar and the Oasis Lounge where the shisha offers views of the Dead Sea.


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