There are various types of tourism in Jordan, for example you will find religious, cultural. historical, sport, and nuture sites.

Major tourist attractions in Jordan include UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Petra and Umm ar-Rasas, ancient cities such as Amman, Aqaba, Madaba and Jerash, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, and locations such as Wadi Rum and the Jordanian Highlands. Other opportunities include shopping, pop-culture tourism, medical tourism, educational and cultural tourism, hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving among the coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba.

I have made domestic tourism in Jordan, wandering through the ancient city of Um Qais and surrounding areas such as Al Hamma, visiting the cave where Jesus hid, enjoying the spectacular coral during the diving adventure in Aqaba, and the adventure of the mountain landing in Ajloun with Out and About group, then enjoying the view from Roman theater top.

Recommnded Sites:

There are various types of tourism in Jordan, and  many different activities you can do from sightseeing, Archaeology, adventure, or cultural forums. We have chosen for you, but not limited to:

Visit the Roman Amphitheater in downtown Amman.

Visit Jerash and attend Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts.
Enjoy the camping experience in Wadi Rum.
Adventure diving in Aqaba.
Identify ancient civilizations and their effects in Umm Qais and surrounding areas.
Enjoy four-wheel bike ride adventure in the Dead Sea.
Visit the Mosaic Church and Mount of Nebo in Madaba.
Visit the ruins in Ajloun and the reserves there.

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