Strasbourg capital of Alsace is a medieval city. The old city characterized by narrow cobblestone streets surrounded by wooden buildings.
Visitors say the best way to explore the old city is by foot or bicycle, walking along the channels classified as a popular activity.
The Strasbourg Historical Museum, opened in 1920, records the political, economic and social history of Strasbourg city from the early middle Ages to the modern era, through a range of military machinery tools, clothing, paintings, sculptures and a medieval collection until the 18th century.
Major Attractions:
1) Strasbourg Cathedral: Strasbourg Cathedral was one of the most famous churches in Europe and was the tallest building of the 17th century.
2) Gutenberg Square: Gutenberg is one of the largest squares in the city and the most important tourist places in Strasbourg and France. The square is located in the center of Strasbourg and named after the inventor of the first printing machine. Yearly many entertainment activities held there which attract thousands of tourists due to its historical importance and its fame derived from the artist Johann Gothenburg.
3) Orangerie Gardens: Orangerie Park or Orange Park is one of the largest gardens in the French city of Strasbourg. It is one of the oldest parks in France and has a magnificent design rich in flowers, perennial trees and a large variety of rare plants.


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