Although Bath is one of the smallest cities in the UK, but because of the plenty things to see and activities to do it is larger than its small size.


This beautiful city named after the famous Roman baths, which has attracted visitors to its healing waters for over 2000 years.


The water flows from three hot springs, and water - known to consist of 43 different minerals and then its therapeutic properties - travels about 3048 meters at 275,000 gallons per day before pouring at a steady temperature of 46.5 degrees Celsius.


(Tip: While it is not possible to shower in the original Roman baths, a number of nearby resorts offer guests the opportunity to enjoy the city's famous water.)


In addition to its old history, Bath is famous for its beautiful Georgian architecture, and the best examples are those along the magnificent royal crescent curved, with its luxurious homes.


One of them, No. 1 Royal Crescent, is now a museum that offers a fascinating view of life during the Georgian era


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