The city of Madaba or "Mosaic City", which is over 5000 years old, is located next to the Kings Road, you will not forget when you visit it.


Madaba is famous for its Byzantine, and Umayyad mosaics, which includes a mosaic map dating back to the 6th century, including Jerusalem, and the Holy Land.

The map is rich in brightly colored local stones and displays drawings of hills, valleys, villages and towns that reach the Nile Delta.


If you visit St. George's Church of the Greek Orthodox Church, built in 1896, on the ruins of a very old Byzantine church from the 6th century, and you will enjoy a view of the mosaics map in Madaba, where the length of the mosaic map is about 15.6 meters. Square and width of 6.94 m. Square, but only about a quarter remained in time.

Other artifacts you will see in the Church of the Virgin, the Apostles' Church and in the ancient Madaba Park include a large amount of flowers and young plants, birds, fish and animals, as well as scenes from mythology, daily hunting of birds and fish, and farming. Hundreds of other mosaics from the fifth to the seventh century also found in the churches of Madaba and its houses.

In keeping with Jordan's commitment to the restoration and preservation of Jordan's artistic and mosaic arts.

Madaba Museum, and  Madaba Archeological Park combine the remains of several Byzantine churches, including the magnificent mosaics found in the Church of the Virgin and in the Hippolyte Hall.


Herod Castle & Mount Nebo:

Within one hour distance  from Madaba along the majestic line of rich scenic, up the hill Machaerus known is also the great castle of Herod, After his death  his son Herod Antipas inherited the castle.

In this particular place, it is to cut off the head of John the Baptist after the dance performed by Salome.

In the same area there is Mount Nebo, a sacred site for Christians and the place where the Prophet Moses was buried. The first Christians built a small square church, which later turned into a large edifice. During his visit to Jordan in 2001, Pope John Paul II held prayers on the site with about 20,000 believers.

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