Dana Natural Reserve

Dana Natural Reserve

  The reserve is an important tourist attraction in Jordan, consisting of a mountains series, and valleys stretching from the far east of the Jordan Valley to Wadi Araba Desert. We also should mention the amazing magnificent beautiful view resulting from the golden sunrays reflection on the colored rocks, which varies between red, yellow, and white, this scene takes the minds of the intensity of his beauty.

 We must not forget the unique and rare animal, plant and animal diversity. There are more than 30 species of wild animals living in as Deer, and other kinds, we can’t forget there are more than 150 species of beautiful birds with brilliant colors, as well as a remarkable variety of wild plants with over 550 species have been classified. The protected area estimated at more than 300 square kilometers

This natural and natural diversity of this reserve makes it a rare place to visit and watch.



Tourists Activities At Dana

 Touristic activities can be varied in this unique reserve where a tourist or visitor can choose the type of adventure that he wishes to do, such as walking, short treks or grooves. This kind of adventure does not require a tour guide. You need a guide from the people of the region for the long trips because he knows the area by heart.

Visitors can visit tourist attractions such as the ancient Nabataean tombs with a distinctive architectural style, or enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of nature when crossing the Ottoman-era Danana Nature Reserve. The visitor can also tour the reserve via the Mountaineer Lodge help guide.

 Even lying in the camp is a distinct color and special elegance, where relaxation because of the beautiful landscape surrounded by beautiful and beautiful views relax the nerves.

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