Amman city is the capital of Jordan; it named “Philadelphia" which means the king who loved his sister. This ancient city built on seven mountains; it is an ancient city with ancient kingdoms and civilizations.

The capital is a magnificent model combining tradition and modernity. In the heart of the city and the eastern regions, popular traditional markets mixed with wholesalers. You will also notice the proliferation of shopping malls and craft workshops.

Western areas will notice the proliferation of luxury cafes, fine restaurants and entertainment venues whose prices vary according to the service provided and categorized.

When you visit the capital, you will find a variety of activities, places to visit such as museums, monuments, markets, malls and entertainment venues,

In addition, you should go to Rainbow Street, where the Jara Souq market held every Friday in the summer, and the street is famous for its various cafes and restaurants to satisfy different tastes of people.

Also, do not forget to visit the center of the country, where the most important landmark of the Roman amphitheater is also fun walking in popular markets such as the steam market, Mango market, gold market, restaurants and popular cafés such as Hashem Restaurant. Baroun House is the oldest house in Amman in the center of the country, near Hashem Restaurant. As for West Amman, most of its buildings built of white stone, its streets adorn green trees, and paved roads make it a very beautiful painting.

Some activities in Amman:

  • Tourism and cultural activities:
  • Rainbow Street: it is one of the oldest streets in Amman; it renovated but kept on heritage and archeology. Some of the most famous sights on the street are The British Cultural Center and the headquarters of Refinery Company Jordan Petroleum and theater was a cinema house. Worth mentioning, the most important houses of modern history in Jordan limit the street from both sides. There are many cultural activities around it, such as the Jara market. It has several cultural and recreational centers and is famous for its many cafés on both sides of the street.
  • Downtown: Amman city center characterized by historical political value. Where you will feel the fragility of history as you stroll along the old streets, each one of these streets has it is own story to tell. While walking in the old city, one of the most famous places is an old building, mosque Husseini built during the reign of khalifa Omar ibn al-Khattab, also the Roman amphitheater of Roman era. In addition, the old cafes like Central Cafe or ones style designed is to mimic the old and popular environment of heritage such as the Jafra cafe and restaurant, for example, and also traditional restaurants and juice shops.

  • Roman Amphitheater:Located in the center of the country, which is characterized by the splendor of architecture and remains It retains all its components along with theaters, columns and streets Tiled and bathrooms and other effects on the importance and location, There is also a museum of Islamic history. Also, concerts as well.

  • Mount of the Citadel: It is one of Amman seven mountains, which was Ammonites rule center since ancient time. city, and after them of Greece, Romans and Byzantine who occupied the city respectively till conquered by the Islamic in the seventh century AD, who built Umayyad palace on the summit.
  • Museums: The city of Amman has a diversity of museums; it is the Museum of Popular Life, the Jordanian Antiquities, the Popular of Costume and Fashion, the Royal Automobile Museum, and others.

  • Fun and Adventure:
  • Horseback Riding: There is more than one place for horse riding such as Princess Center High Equestrian (T: 5675739) at Al Hussein Sport Club, and Club Arabian Horse at Airport Road (Tel: 4291386).

  • Sky Adventures: Either by gliders or hot air balloons and landing Paragliders can fulfill their wishes by visiting the Flying Club Royal Sailing.


  • Water Games: Amman has more than one place to enjoy water sports such as hotels and a water park (Amman Waves WaterPark) on the airport road where the games and activities are vary from swimming to flocks and others.

  • Golf Sport: Located in Al Bisharat Golf Club is the first private club in Jordan, surrounded by hills near Queen Alia Airport in Amman. The club provides car service and a shop for the rental of necessary equipment and training of specialists.




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