Um Qais


Anbar Um Qais is one of the oldest historical Romanian cities. It named “Jadra” in the past, one of the Decapolis cities, “the Ten Romanian Cities” The city was famous for the literary renaissance that made it a center for poets, writers, and  philosophers.

During my visit to the ancient city, I realized the distinctive architectural art, the picturesque nature is what attracted the giants of literature to this rare masterpiece.

Anbar Um Qais
Um Qais sunset                       

Anbar Um Quays

Um Qais old city

My Tour:

While I was waling between the corridors, the houses architectural engineering took my mind, also the magnificent view of Tiberius lake at sunset,  and golden sun reflection on the columns of the harbor Romanian.

What characterized this city the diversity, and effects of many civilizations periods such as Roman, Greek, and Islamic.

where there are churches and theater; also, Muslims have built a mosque and residential neighborhoods. The city has recently renovated and one of the buildings has become a museum to tell visitors about the history of this masterpiece. There is also a restaurant with a spectacular view for visitors to enjoy the wonderful views.


Um Qais old city
Um Qais old city

Um Qais sunset-Tabaria lake view
Um Qais sunset-Tabaria lake view









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