Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh:

Is an Egyptian tourist city south of Sinai desert. The city has many tourist resorts for tourists from all over the world and is famous for the international diving sport that attracts people to practice the sport to see the coral and colorful fish. There is also an international airport. Near its coast are two islands Tiran and Sanafir. The most important areas are Ras Nasrani, Ras Jamila, Sharm el-Mieh Church, Palm Al-Tabbel, Ras Mohammed Governorate, and Nabq Bay between it and Dahab, and Naama Bay at the Asia and Africa continents. It contains more than 200 hotels and resorts, other than restaurants, cafes, commercial markets, entertainment cities, and Casinos.

Most important tourist places and activities:

  • Ne’ema bay:

Located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, Ne’ema Bay is one of the most attractive tourist areas for its excellent environmental and tourist attractions, such as coral reef waters, soft sand and warm weather throughout the year. The Gulf is also famous for swimming with colorful fish, watching coral reefs through glass boats, diving, windsurfing and water skiing. Ne’ema Bay characterized by its squares, which bear the names of Arab leaders and kings, and the number of restaurants, cafes, commercial markets, hotel chains and resorts.


  • Shark Bay:

Shark Bay is one of Sharm El Sheikh’s most famous areas with its spectacular views and excellent resorts. There are several different stories why this bay called by this name, such as sharks had already lived in this Gulf until 12 years earlier, while it reported that some tourists thought that Manta Ray was a shark, while another story says that local anglers used to unload the sharks they caught in this particular bay. However, it is known today that the Gulf of sharks of any kind.

  • Ras Mohammed Reserve:

When you visit this reserve, you will enjoy coral reefs in the deep waters of Ras Mohammed, colorful fish, endangered sea turtles and rare aquatic life. Ras Mohammed’s surrounded by coral reefs from all seaside’s. The reserve is home to many birds, animals and insects, as well as many species of marine animals as well as about 150 types of coral reefs. The reserve also has many fossils between 75,000 and 20 million years old. The reserve is one of the most beautiful diving places in the world.



  • Religious Monuments:

Sharm el-Sheikh includes several Islamic mosques based on distinctive architectural styles, most notably the Mosque of Peace, one of the most famous mosques in Sharm, the mosque of Mustafa, also one of the famous mosques of Sharm, and the Mosque of Sahaba is one of the mosques in Sharm el-Sheikh. Established in the old commercial market area.

The city has Church of Semites with its iconic paintings and paintings on the wall, stained glass and wood from the beginning of the creation, the largest of the Sinai churches. The Church serve more than 12,000 Christians in the city.


  • Tourist Activities:

Sharm el-Sheikh has many areas and activities that attract tourists such as the old market area located on the outskirts of the city and characterized by the low prices of goods away from the tourist prices, and the tourists have all their requirements. It established to preserve the Bedouin cultural heritage. There are 100 shops, open theater, and family places. Soho Square, which is equipped with state-of-the-art aesthetic and entertainment lighting technology such as the lighting of the world’s tourist squares and streets such as the Champs-Elysées in Paris and Oxford in London, which is a major tourist attraction. The city considered perfect to various types of tourist activities, including dolphin shows, which are one of the most attractive tourist activities. In addition to horse and camel riding, cycling, water skiing, diving, desert safaris, various water sports, Sailing, sand skiing, moderate winds favored by kites, as well as more than 200 hotels and resorts, restaurants, cafes, entertainment cities, commercial markets, nightclubs And casinos.

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