Egypt is one of the most countries in the world that has the longest continuous history. Civilizations have gone through different periods. Each nation has left its mark, which indicates that it contributed to the building of this ancient civilization. Egypt recognized by Nile River, which permeates its territory, which helped to establish civilizations and countries, and successive generations.

Egypt is one of the most important countries in the world that people are interested in tourism for the beauty and diversity of tourism activities and the effects of successive civilizations of the nations, leaving each civilization fingerprints characterized this great country.

Tourist activities and places will covered later.

Civilizations and Nations Rotated on Egypt:

  • Pharaonic civilization: Pharaonic civilization is the first oldest civilization in Egypt; it is the most important civilization. They built the pyramids, and engaged in agriculture, trade and art, not to mention maritime navigation. Scientists and historians divided this civilization into several covenants:
  • Ancient State Ara: Pharaonic civilization established at this period. This age known era of building pyramids, as they were working in agriculture, trade and industry.
  • Middle Kingdom Ara: The Middle Kingdom kings took care of the most beneficial projects for the nation, such as agriculture flourished and handicrafts developed. Egyptian artists and engineers produced a magnificent heritage that spread in Luxor, Fayoum and Ain Shams. Art and literature flourished in this age.
  • Modern State Ara: In this era, the Pharaohs realized the importance of the strong army to fight the invaders and confront the enemies. They established a strong army that was the reason for the formation of the first powerful empire in the history of humankind, from the Euphrates River to the Nile River. As industry flourished, art, trade.
  • Invasion of the Persians to Egypt: Quresh one of the Persian kings attacked and occupied Egypt and it remained a subsidiary of the Persian Empire until 333 BC.


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