Democratic Republic of AlgeriaThe People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is an Arab country located in the north of the African continent, the land of Algeria is a vast desert has many oases there are plains in the north and mountains in the south, also the oases located in the south, most important oases are Anfousha, Ouargla and Hassi Massoud from the south-east.

Mediterranean is on the north border, Morocco from west border, from the southwest Western desert, Mauritania and by Mali, from the southeast Niger, from east Libya and, Tunisia from northeast. It is currency is dinar. Main cities are Algeria, Wahran, and Constantinople.

Algeria is an active member of international organizations and the surrounding countries. It is a founding member of the Arab Maghreb Organization in 1988. It is also a member of the League of Arab States and the United Nations since its independence. It is a member of the Organization of African Unity and many international and regional institutions. Amazigh.

On the one hand, Algeria is the largest African and Arab country and tenth in the world.

Algeria is not a famous tourist destinations in the world, despite there is a lot of tourist sites and places but tourist facilities and services are not available as much as other countries, but there are some factors that may attract locals and tourists from all over the world to visit. Cheap prices are one of the most attractive reasons for people to Algeria.


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