Sahl Hashish

Sahl Hashish:

You will notice that this place planned for a new type of tourism called wealthy people tourism. The most important are the golf courses, where there will be two golf courses as well as a Pharaonic city under the water it is the first of its kind for diving enthusiasts and a marina for yacht tourism. Considered world’s most expensive tourism, with luxurious hotels offering full privacy and a relaxing atmosphere. All hotels overlook the seafront.

At the entrance to the resort, you will find a giant pharaonic gate and dozens of Pharaonic statues in a magnificent walkway, like in the heart of the Pharaonic temple, to the heart of the city center “Arival Piazza” and through the “Piazza”, which resembles the legendary palaces overlooking the city on the Red Sea coast. A main gathering that brings together the resort’s leaders and has a cinema complex.

Touristic Activities in Sahl Hashish:

  • Diving:

Sahl Hashish is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Red Sea. Coral reefs are only 1 km away; you reach it after a 5- to 10-minute boat ride. The coral reefs of Sahl Hashish Bay make diving and snorkeling fun an unforgettable experience; Diving enthusiasts can enjoy free and safe access to a depth of 20 meters without stopping at safety stations next to the yachts that carry them. The beaches of Sahl Hashish are suitable for beginners who want to learn diving or deep diving. There are many dive centers with excellent experts, and visitors to Sahl Hashish have an unforgettable experience to visit the mythical pharaonic city that lies just a few meters from the beach. Seeing the capitals’ crowns stand out among the waves of the sea.


  • Resorts and Hotels:

You can choose from many five-star and seven-star luxury hotels, and the resort’s capacity is 3,000,000. The area where these hotels are located called “old town”, although it established in 2007, but its architectural style suggests a heritage atmosphere. Hotels offers all-inclusive accommodation, transfers to and from Hurghada, provides a complete trips leisure plan, parties, tennis, squash courts, as well as health and massage treatments, where you can relax in one of the health clubs in Sahl Hashish resort.

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