Yasmine Hammamat or South Hammamat is a city located in Tunisia, characterized by its beaches with attractive white buildings beside the bright blue sea. You can enjoy the charm of relaxation in this city, also enjoy the sunbathing on the white sands and stroll through the old town markets. It is the most important tourist area in the Tunisian country.

It has many hostels and has the best toy city in Africa Carthage Landomina tourist. Beside the City of Games, there is the city of Yasmine Hammamat, an ancient tourist town with shops known as traditional Tunisian industry. Yasmine Hammamat sleeping city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in a few years to a “bouquet of pleasure” as the Tunisians call it. This small city has become a global tourist attraction, attracting millions of tourists every year, including the world’s most sought-after personalities seeking pleasure and the charm of nature. Establishment of the Yasmin Hammamat tourist resort enhanced the city beauty, which combined the history of the Arab-Islamic world majestic and fine art architectural. The resort named after the legendary Jasmine Flower, which considered one of the most beautiful symbols of the country.

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