Carthage is an ancient city dating back to antiquity. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC then followed by different civilizations, each leaving its distinctive mark, which indicates its role in building this city civilization.

Activities are vary in the city of Carthage, will mention some of them:

Carthage Museum:

The museum contains traces of three great civilizations: Phoenician, Punic, Roman African, and Islamic Arabic.

The Bonyji neighborhood and the Furum:

It is a residential neighborhood interspersed with streets intersecting with existing angles, inside which is a group of floor buildings, divided into apartments in the style of modern construction. We also find shops open to the street on the ground floor of buildings.

• Damos Church Al-Karita:

A large religious site include two churches and some buildings attached to them. Found in Roman Afrikaans (65 AD / 45 AD). Looks divided into several wings with columns, but nothing left than two large wings that converge in the middle of the monument and end in the chest in the southeast and south-west.


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