Douz and Shatt al

Douz and Shatt al-Jared

Douz is the most beautiful place to start your adventure in the Tunisian desert and you will not hesitate to meditate in the sand dunes and palm trees along the roads which eroded by the sand. It is the greatness of the desert; you will respect its tribes and people as they leave their homes and homes to return to the life of the desert to live in tents. In the oases of Qabli and on the outskirts of Douz, you must take a break to enjoy the charm of the place and enjoy pleasure of dates in the vast palm forests. As for the villages of Sabria, Al-Fawwar and Nawal, submerged under the sand and its small gates, you will be lost in the place between the sand and a desert of salt that radiates its glowing brilliance from the Shatt al-Jared.

Main tourist activities:

• Hotels and resorts are of high quality, while hotels overlook sand dunes

• Desert tourism, including:

  • Quad biking.
  • Skiing on sand dunes.
  • Sailboats.
  • Camping in the desert.

• Acquaintance with nomadic culture especially in the large weekly market

• Paragliding

• Quick water boards on the sandwich


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