brief of tunis

Republic of Tunisia (Tunisia):

Arab country located north of the African continent bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the north and east and Libya from the southeast, and from the west Algeria.

Its capital is Tunis. The Republic of Tunisia has a total area of ​​163,610 km 2

According to the latest statistics in 2016, the population of the Republic of Tunisia is approximately 11.4 million.

Tunisia had an important role in ancient history since the time of the Phoenicians, Amazigh’s, Carthaginians, Vandals and Romans. Known as Africa province during Roman rule, whole continent named Africa after that. It became under Muslims rule in the seventh century AD and founded the city of Al-Qayrawan in 50 AH to be the first Islamic city in North Africa. It called the “Tunisian territory” under the Ottoman Empire. Signed under French occupation in 1881, then it gained its independence in 1956 to become officially the Kingdom of Tunisia at the end of the reign of Mohamed Amin Bay. With the announcement of the Republic of Tunisia on 25 July 1957, Al-Habib Bourqeba became its first president.

Zain took over the presidency in 1987, and continued until 2011 when he fled during the Tunisian revolution. Tunisia has relied on export-oriented industries to liberalize and privatize the economy, which has averaged 5 percent GDP growth since the early 1990s. Tunisia has suffered corruption under the former president.

Tunisia has strong and historic ties with both the United States and the European Union, a major non-NATO, and has several advanced partnership agreements with the European Union, which is Tunisia’s first customer and strong economically. Tunisia is also a member of the League of Arab States and the African Union. Tunisia has established close ties with France in particular through economic cooperation, industrial modernization and privatization programs. The Government’s approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine has also made it an intermediary in the Middle East diplomacy and a major contributor to world peace through its forces deployed in conflict zones of the United Nations


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