Katara Mosque

Katara Mosque is most beautiful architecture in the Middle East awaits you. located in the center of Katara cultural village in Qatar,

It is the most beautiful mosque in Qatar, designed by the internationally renowned Turkish mosque designer Zainab Fadel Oglou

Katara "Grand Mosque", decorated  by a number of restoration specialists who came from the Palace   Dolma Bahja in Istanbul, characterized by its exterior decorated with turquoise and violet mosaics and its exquisite interior design, which gave its corridors and facilities more splendor, beauty, spaciousness and spaciousness. The mosque exterior and interior architectural designs, addition to the minaret, dome and mihrab, all inspired by several famous Islamic mosques, from cities, and capitals of various Islamic countries, as well as the artistic handcrafts that the mosque boasts of lines, decorations, inscriptions and mosaics.

The design differs from the typical mosques in Qatar.

The building contains mostly blue tiles, with hints of red and yellow. Complex designs and intricate interiors will impress you.

Katara Cultural Village:

Katara Mosque is most beautiful architecture is located in Katara Cultural Village.

It is a cultural hub in Doha, Qatar, known for its theaters, galleries, and other cultural facilities.

It's possible that there may be a mosque in the vicinity of Katara Cultural Village, but you might want to check with more recent sources or local authorities for the latest information.

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Katara Mosque is most


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