Canada Immigration advice

From my personal experience on immigration, I would like to address some points:

First, when applying for immigration:

I would recommend that anyone or family who wants to apply for Canadian immigration first communicate directly with the Canadian immigration department in your country, and inquire about the procedures to be performed. The staff is highly efficient and have a good experience in the subject. You can ask any information regarding the immigration, you will find them very cooperative and give you useful information and shorten the time on you. You can also visit the Canadian immigration website: nnd search for any information that interests you.

My immigration story, I submitted an immigration application in 2000 through an immigration office, and approved in 2006 and the delay was due to the lack of professionalism of the office. I learned my lesson, and whenever I needed any information, directly called the Canadian Immigration Department and asked about the appropriate procedure, the stuff always very helpful and saved me lot of time, especially during my stay in Canada.

To learn more about immigration to Canada visit:

Second, landing papers receipt:

I received the papers after successfully passing the medical examination and gave me a limited period to land in Canada, in addition to the $ 1000 I paid as landing fees, therefore I started to prepare myself for leaving, then bought the ticket and landed Canada and my second home. When I arrived, I began to extract legal documents such as driving license, where it is the identity of the personal proof, the identity of the health insurance and other documents.

Third, Canadian citizen Advantages:

The most important of the benefits I have is the free health insurance, in addition to the job insurance, and the support of the State in the courses to develop my skills until I became qualified for the job market, not to mention the psychological comfort and beautiful life, despite the difficulties and challenges.

Most immigrants for Canada are families because very suitable the State provides family-raising assistance to the costs of raising children, including the benefits of raising a disabled child, benefits such as maternity leave, parental leave and compassionate care, as well as calculators to estimate the amount of benefit payments you are entitled to Obtained.


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