Amazing Places In Dubai

Everybody around me describes Dubai as a wonder city due to many interesting sites I can visit and interesting adventure I will enjoy. In addition to city splendor, and beautiful warm beaches I can enjoy and do many water adventures such boating, diving, and many other facilities like hotels, restaurants that satisfy all visitors and tourists.

Below I will describe some of the places recommended to me by my friends:

1) Burj Khalifa:

All those I know said this great edifice was their first destination, this what they told me:

First, I will be amazed of it is height, of course I will be, it is the highest building in the world, also by its exterior design and architecture. From inside the interior design creation will tell me Dubai great development story through paintings, drawings, and writing on the walls, in addition to the magnificent views from tower’s glass widows during my rise to the top, as well as service facilities such as various restaurants, mall, shops, and others. Burj Khalifa has the largest number of residential floors in the world, and I should pass by the luxurious Armani Hotel, which includes several restaurants and a spa resort, they insist that if I visit the tower, go up to the observation deck to enjoy the spectacular views that startle the minds.

2) Jumeirah Palm:

From the description of this rare masterpiece I imaged it as world wonders. They excited me to visit Jumeirah Palm so I will have a unique experience to enjoy fun activities and interesting adventures stay. Some of my friends advise me to fly in the Palm Jumeirah Jet Jumper train because it will be unforgettable adventure; others advised also speedboat sailing adventure another exciting adventure. Everybody said I would be surprised of the number of hotels and resorts on the island, besides I can rent a yacht to enjoy a tour around the island from many tour operators.

3) Dubai Aquarium:

Everyone knows how much I love interesting and exciting adventures; therefore, they suggested visiting Dubai Aquarium where I would have a rare opportunity to do several unique adventures such as:

  • Discover the wonderful ocean world by trying one of two techniques takes you on a trip to where you can see a lot of rare marine fish one in two styles one is depending on the images taken. The second is the virtual CGI technique that will give me a rare experience to make a trip with sharks and other beautiful rare sea, ocean creatures and swim with them to delve deeper into this mysteries world.
  • In addition, I can dive inside a cage to charm my sight with wonderful ocean creatures collected from many different places over the earth forming an amazing piece of art by nature organism around me such as sharks, the tiger fish, and much more of these fish rare marine living toys.



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