Turkey Honey Moon Sites

Turkey is the most destination countries in the world for Arab newly married to spend the honeymoon for more than one reason first it close to the region, and the good tourist offers of companies, which often last more than 10 days divided to a tourist program includes visiting most cities suitable for the honeymoon, such as:


As I read and heard from those who chose Turkey for the honeymoon, the city of Istanbul was part of the tourist plan, because beauty of nature is a fascinating sight, and the fragrant history I will smell in every corner. Of course, the main goal is to enjoy honeymoon by taking an advantage of visiting a wonderful places on earth on both sides the European and Asian. Everyone went there describe how amazing Bosporus Strait trip is, where the bride and groom will visit the brides hillside take souvenir pictures and enjoy the magnificent Bosporus Strait view, and enjoy magnificent Turkish palaces art architecture while passing through Strait.

They advised me to go to Princesses Islands; in addition to the wonderful nature, also, the journey itself wonderful is interesting and enjoyable.


As it brought to my attention is one of the most visited areas for honeymooners in Turkey, magnificent lake view will give me a poetic feeling, nature is indescribably beautiful, and there are many tourist and service facilities from hotels, resorts, water activates . Also they advised me to take journey to Ma’ashouka village waterfalls so I will experience the countryside life traveling even for a short time by passing through the rural areas villages, orchards down to the falls and forget my self The bosom of nature, enjoy water falling from the mountain tone, and fresh air inhalation.


Because those who know me know I like nightlife, therefore, they advised me to visit this city because the nightlife in the suburbs is fun and active. You will find many luxury hotels where amazing parties held, and more entertainment places satisfy all tastes.

Amazing charming beautiful green nature blended with the wonderful sea nature among tourist facilities this beautiful view will dazzle me as they described. Of course, many luxury resorts, restaurants, shopping centers have been set up to serve the tourists, in addition to the beautiful sandy beaches, which offers special services for the entertainment of the grooms.


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