Canada introduction

I lived in Toronto, Canada more than five years, where I felt that it was one of the best countries in the world to live, especially for families. The government provides facilities, benefits for families with children such as low rent houses, monthly salaries for the entire family members, kids needs from milk, towels and other stuff

Tourism in Canada varies depending on site, and weather I went to forests, rivers, lakes and mountains. I was impressed of surrounding beautiful nature everywhere I go.

During my stay, I visited several places of interest inside Toronto and beyond, I will mention some of the places that distinguish Canada from others:

1) Royal Ontario Museum:

Royal Ontario Museum:

The first thing that caught my eye and dazzled me was the magnificent architectural design, which consisted of overlapping geometric shapes. Royal Ontario Museum:The museum built in downtown Toronto, Ontario. If you visit the city of Toronto, this museum is a place to visit because the museum will explain the cultures of the former nations and their way of life through the monuments that represent every civilization.

2) CN Tower:

CN Tower

Built in the city of Toronto, it was also the tallest tower in the world until Burj Khalifa built in Dubai. I went up to the top of the tower with my family when they visited me in Toronto. It was a very enjoyable and exciting adventure. We enjoyed every CN Tower

moment where we lined up to take the elevator to the top of the tower. We enjoyed the view during our trip to the top, from amazing nature, towers, and the view of the magnificent lake until we reached the top.

3) Niagara Falls:

It is the meeting point of three waterfalls at the borders of the Ontario Canadian province and New York in U.S. I enjoyed the waterfalls with friends and family. Driving to Niagara Falls city is a very beautiful, amazing trip, we enjoyed the surrounding nature until we arrived at the falls, all of us were astonished by the spectacular view of the waterfalls merged with rainbow forming a wonderful nature painting, after that, we resumed our tour to discover the rest of the city tourist places such as museums, restaurants, cafes, and game cities.

Niagara FallsNiagara Falls




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