Najran is an enjoyable and diverse tourist destination to explore the history and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Najran is located in the southwest of the Kingdom and is characterized by its beautiful terrain, rich history and unique local culture.

Types of tourism in Najran:

Historical: Najran contains many important historical sites, such as the historic Najran Palace and the Temple of the Lions, which are important historical landmarks that can be visited to explore the cultural heritage of the region. Natural: Najran is characterized by its beautiful desert terrain, mountains and valleys. You can explore these charming natural areas and enjoy the unique natural beauty scenes. Events and festivals: Many cultural and entertainment events and festivals are held in Najran throughout the year, reflecting the heritage and culture of the region. Among the well-known festivals in Najran are the Janadriyah Festival and the Desert Festival. The food : Try the local cuisine in Najran and enjoy traditional foods such as kabsa, mansaf, jareesh, and asida. You'll discover a wonderful diversity of cuisine that reflects the heritage of the region. Sports and Entertainment: You can practice many sports activities in Najran, including desert trekking, hiking, and camel riding. These activities give you an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque nature of the area. Shopping: You can shop at local markets for handmade goods and local products, and learn about the traditional crafts of the region. Najran is an enjoyable and diverse tourist destination to explore the history and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to enjoy the wonderful nature and unique experiences that the region offers. Make sure to check current tourism laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia before traveling.

Tourist importance:

The colorful city of Najran on the Yemeni border offers an unforgettable experience for new travelers, due to its  ancient history, wonderful architecture and culture with neighboring Yemen. Najran is a very prime tourist destination in Saudi Arabia that will satisfy even the most experienced travellers. Najran is one of the regions that contains important monuments and tourist attractions that were the product of different periods of time. Therefore, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities attached great importance to the region by encouraging tourism through the revival of tourist festivals and arranging periodic trips for tourist groups from outside and inside the Kingdom to introduce them to the region and its monuments.

Most important tourist attractions:

  • The ancient city of Al-Ukhdood.
  • Al-Makarmi (Saadane) Historical Palace.
  • Al-Manjam Heritage Village “Ghagda Al-Tayeb”
  • Najran Museum of Antiquities and Folk Heritage.
  • The historic Emira Palace.
  • Asha and King Saud Camp.
  • Cave of King Saud.
  • King Fahd Park (Suqam Forest).
  • Prince Sultan Reserve (brown veins).
  • King Abdulaziz Park.
  • Najran Valley Dam.
  • Gardening Research Centre.
  • Moah Park.
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