Kish Island

Kish Island is a popular tourist destination located in the Persian Gulf, off the southern coast of Iran. It is known for its beautiful beaches, modern infrastructure, and duty-free shopping. Here are some key aspects of tourism in Kish Island:


Kish is renowned for its pristine and sandy beaches, such as Maryam Beach and Ladies' Beach. The warm climate and clear waters make it an ideal place for swimming and water sports.

Water Activities:

Visitors can enjoy a variety of water activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and boat tours in the Persian Gulf.

Coral Reefs:

The coral reefs surrounding Kish Island are a significant attraction for divers. The island's underwater world is rich in marine life, and you can explore colorful coral formations.

Kariz Underground City:

This underground city is an ancient aqueduct system dating back several centuries. It provides a glimpse into the historical water management techniques of the region.

Dolphin Park:

Dolphin Park on Kish Island is a popular family attraction, where you can watch dolphin and sea lion shows.

Kish Aquarium:

Kish Aquarium showcases a variety of marine species, making it a great place for both education and entertainment.

Greek Ship:

The Greek Ship is a popular shipwreck site off the coast of Kish, and it is a great spot for diving and exploring the underwater world.

Kariz-e Kish Grand Bazaar:

Kish Island offers duty-free shopping, and the grand bazaar is a bustling marketplace where you can purchase electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and more.

Bird Park:

Kish Bird Park is home to a wide range of bird species, making it a great place for bird watching and nature enthusiasts.

Harireh Ancient City:

Harireh is an ancient city believed to date back to the 3rd century. It is an interesting archaeological site that offers insights into the island's history.

Kish International Exhibition Center:

The island hosts various trade fairs and exhibitions, making it a hub for business and commerce.

Cultural and Religious Sites:

Kish Island has a mix of cultural and religious attractions, including the Kish Island Aquarium Mosque and the beautiful Green Tree Complex.

Kish Island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, water sports, shopping opportunities, and cultural experiences. Its duty-free status is particularly attractive to shoppers looking for a wide range of products at competitive prices. The island's modern infrastructure, along with its natural and historical attractions, makes it a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.


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