Today tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Bsharri, where the museum and the tomb of Gibran Khalil Gibran, the famous Lord's Forest of God and ice skating rinks. The town also overlooks the holy Qadisha Valley and Qadisha Grotto and the birthplace of St. Charbel is located in the town of Bekaaqafra near Bsharri.

Is the town of Gibran Khalil Gibran (1883-1931).

It has a family home, rustic, traditional and modest, located in the center of the Mar Saba church square.

Bsharri 1400 meters above sea level, characterized by traditional mountain life style and narrow streets and small shops. It is famous for producing fruits, especially apples, pears and cherries, as well as being a magnet for tourists in both summer and winter.


As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Bsharri is a town in northern Lebanon known for its cultural and historical significance. It's the birthplace of the renowned Lebanese poet and artist Khalil Gibran. While I can provide general information about tourism in Bsharri, please note that specific details may have changed since then. It's advisable to check the latest travel updates and information before planning a trip.

Here are some points of interest and aspects of tourism in Bsharri:

  1. Gibran Museum: Bsharri is home to the Gibran Museum, dedicated to the life and works of Khalil Gibran. The museum showcases his paintings, drawings, and manuscripts, offering visitors insights into the artist's life.
  2. Cedars of God (Horsh Arz el-Rab): This UNESCO World Heritage site is located near Bsharri and is famous for its ancient cedar trees. The Cedars of God is one of the last vestiges of the extensive cedar forests that once covered Mount Lebanon.
  3. Qadisha Valley: Bsharri is situated near the Qadisha Valley, another UNESCO World Heritage site. The valley is known for its stunning landscapes, deep gorges, and historic monasteries carved into the cliffs.
  4. Mar Lishaa Monastery: This monastery is perched on a hill overlooking Bsharri and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  5. Hiking and Outdoor Activities: The Bsharri region is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails in the nearby mountains provide opportunities for exploration and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
  6. Local Cuisine: Visitors to Bsharri can savor traditional Lebanese cuisine in local restaurants. Lebanese food is known for its rich flavors and diverse dishes.
  7. Cultural Festivals: Depending on the time of year, there may be cultural events and festivals in Bsharri. These events often celebrate local traditions, arts, and music.
  8. Accommodations: Bsharri offers a range of accommodations, including hotels and guesthouses. Staying in the town allows visitors to explore the surrounding attractions easily.

Before planning a trip to Bsharri or any destination, it's recommended to check for the latest travel advisories, accommodations, and local regulations. Additionally, confirm the status of specific attractions to ensure they are open to the public.

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