France introduction

France is one of the world’s tourists destinations, due to its ancient history, inveterate civilization, magnificent monuments, and the fabulous nature. I been in the capital Paris in France only,

I visited most of the capital of fashion, on either foot or using public transport. Each street or Neighborhood I walked in, I smell history fragrant, city beauty, and the ancient heritage, the old buildings were remnants of previous civilizations., I loved what I saw each time I turned my face from Beautiful flowers, green plants, not to mention the museums I have visited, and monuments and statues in the city center.

The most popular attract tourists:

1) Champs-Elysees:

   I stayed at my friend in Paris behind the Avenue des Champs Elysées, which is located in the center of the French capital Paris. During my tour in the street, I have seen many famous international agencies for different products such as Mercedes, Walt Disney, McDonald, etc. Champs-Elysees StreetBut what actually amused me is that while walking I saw a range of Ferrari and Lamborghini sport cars for rent, I could not resist, I rented a Ferrari California for a non-forgettable wonderful Paris tour I would highly recommend anyone who get the chance to try it out.

2) Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous landmarks of France. All tourists destination, built of solid steel, and has remained for more than 40 years the tallest landmarks in the world.

Eiffel Tower:
Eiffel Tower

Getting to the tower top was top priority, therefore I devoted a       whole day for this adventure, I went to Champ-de-Mars garden   where tower built, I took the elevator to the top, we stopped on   floor to switch elevators where the restaurant and souvenir shops, then took another elevator to continue our way to the top. View was amazing, city from top architecture of the churches, Beautiful interspersed with wonderful nature.

3) Louvre Museum:

The most famous museum in the world because it has the most famous painting “Mona Lisa”.

Located at the Avenue Champs Elysees end, I liked the museum design from outside a lot, like big, huge splendor castle shows architectural creativity, toured museum sections, paintings section where I saw the most famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Statues and Monuments section, I also visited sections of different civilizations such as Roman, Greek and others. It was one of the most beautiful museums I been to.Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum


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